Our Values

Gospel Centeredness

Everything we do as a church should flow out of the grace God has made available to us through Jesus Christ, crucified for our sins and risen from the grave defeating sin and death. Therefore each of our other five values are only possible if they flow out of a solid foundation in the gospel. 

Missional Living

It is not our objective to add more to the lives of already busy individuals. Instead we aim to teach people how to live for the mission of Jesus in the context of the lives they are already living. We can be missionaries in our families, our social networks, our jobs, and our cities.


Because God has blessed us, we can be a blessing to others. If we are not generous with our resources (time, money and possessions) we will make it impossible to impact anyone. We will generously give our treasures, talents, and time to God’s work because he gave everything for us.


Jesus spent 3 years pouring his life into 12 disciples and then told them to go and make disciples of all nations. Disciples are not mass produced, but are rather slowly molded through the powerful effects of relationship. We teach an apprenticeship style of discipleship where a disciple would spend time watching and modeling the life of his teacher, rather than simply learning information. 


Community will not happen without intentionality. We must make a commitment to unity and deep relationships with one another. This is only possible when we keep the gospel as the foundation for our relationships and our identity. Every person must learn their new identity in Christ, an identity in which we all meet on level ground at the foot of the cross. We are all sinful, forgiven, adopted children of the King.

Leadership Development

We know that the best place for leaders to be developed for the church is in the church. This never happens accidentally. The leaders of the church must always be looking for other potential leaders who they can invest in. Often times the leaders of a church spend all their time solving problems that arise rather than developing the leaders who can take on the work of the ministry.