There is no such thing as following Jesus alone.

We are equipped together for the good works God has called us to do. He has given you a church family that is meant to be a blessing to you. There is an interdependent need within each one of us for one another.

  • Missional Communities

    Disciples are the building blocks of the church, and disciple formation will take place in the context of Missional Communites. A Missional Community is a gospel centered community of people living life together with a missional focus. 


    Our values will be woven intimately into the fabric of these communities. Each person will learn what the gospel truly is and what a life that’s been changed by the gospel looks like. True community will only happen when it is centered on the person and work of Jesus. Because we have been forgiven and adopted by God, every single follower of Jesus has the same Daddy and we are members of the same family. We need to learn how to relate to one another based on our new identity. As we grow through the grace of God in the gospel and in the context of community we should bring our friends, family and neighbors along with us on the journey. We call this “living missionally”. As the world is introduced to gospel community they see the gospel lived out among the people of God. Our love for one another is in fact our best apologetic for the gospel. Missional Communities are a vehicle for missional living. We aim to learn to live like a missionary in every area of our lives.