The Gathering

Church is not a building, or a meeting on Sundays. A church is a gathering of Christ followers in an area. The church is a people. 

Because church is not a meeting or "service" on Sundays, we don't call our Sunday meetings "church". Instead we call this "the gathering". It is the gathering together of followers of Jesus... the gathering of the church. You are welcome at Valley Town even if you are not a Jesus follower.

What to Expect

You can expect a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. We have taken as many of the man-made traditions as we possibly could out of what we do. You won't see a person preaching in a suit. It is a casual, laid-back, roll-out of bed and show up kind of church.

You will hear a teaching from the Bible. You will hear music, with lyrics on a big screen if you want to sing along. You will have opportunity to connect with and get to know people. It all wraps up in about an hour.

We welcome questions. After the gathering, we would love to talk with you. Don't feel like your pressing question needs to go unanswered. We would love to share with you what the Bible has to say that is relevant to our lives.

Come as you are. Enjoy a cup of coffee on us. You will have a great time.